Production Seminar

Recordings from the 2022 MDFC Production Seminar are now available. View each individual presentation below.

Sustainability Practices in Sugarbeet

Dr. David Ripplinger, North Dakota State University Bioproducts/Bioenergy Economics Specialist

Fertility Management & Liquid Separated Dairy Manure Use

Cody Wahlstrom, CCA, Yaggie District Agriculturist

Rhizoctonia Management in Sugarbeet

Dr. Ashok Chanda, University of Minnesota Extension Sugarbeet Pathologist

Insect Management in Sugarbeet

Dr. Mark Boetel, North Dakota State University Extension Entomologist

Herbicide Carryover Risks to Sugarbeet

Paul Moffet, Hawes District Agriculturist

What We Learned About Ultra Blazer in 2021

Emma Burt, Research Agronomist

Sugarbeet Weed Control for 2022

Dr. Tom Peters, North Dakota State University/University of Minnesota Extension Sugarbeet Agronomist and Weed Control Specialist

MDFC Research Overview

Blake Buck, Factory District Agriculturist

CLS Control for 2022

Dr. Mike Metzger, Vice President of Agriculture & Research