Production Seminar

Recordings from the 2023 MDFC Sugarbeet Production Seminar are now available. View each individual recorded presentation below. Please email with any questions or to request a PDF of the presentation(s).

Soil Testing, Variable Rate, and Precision Ag

Nic Uilk, South Dakota State University, Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Instructor

Root Rot Management in Sugarbeet

Dr. Ashok Chanda, University of Minnesota Extension Sugarbeet Pathologist

CLS Epidemiology

Dr. Nate Wyatt, USDA-ARS Research Plant Pathologist

MDFC Research Overview & 2023 CLS Recommendations

Emma Burt, Research Agronomist

Insect Pest Management in Sugarbeet

Dr. Mark Boetel, North Dakota State University Extension Entomologist

Manure Management in Sugarbeet

Dr. Melissa Wilson, University of Minnesota Extension Specialist for Manure Management and Water Quality


Fertility Recommendations Revisited & Cultivation:  Back to the Future

Cody Wahlstrom, Yaggie District Agriculturist

Betamix Recommendations & Palmer Amaranth Update

Josiah Loeks, Lehman District Agriculturist

Sugarbeet Weed Control for 2023

Dr. Tom Peters, North Dakota State University/University of Minnesota Extension Sugarbeet Agronomist and Weed Control Specialist