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November 17, 2022
Now Hiring
Control System Engineer

This position designs, writes, installs, and maintains industrial control software, programs industrial control systems, and assists in installing and maintaining associated hardware.

Principal Working Relationships
•    Supervisor: Electrical & Controls Supervisor.
•    Others:  Instrumentation Supervisor, Electrical Supervisor, Instrument Technicians, Electricians, Operations Management, Operations personnel, Engineering.

Essential Job Duties
•    Install, write, debug, document, review, and modify software for personal computers, programmable logic controllers, networks, and operator and instrument interfaces and their related equipment (HMI, SCADA). 
•    Install, program, troubleshoot, repair, and replace industrial computer hardware and software.
•    Troubleshooting of control systems and networks.
•    Identify areas of improvement and add to the team environment.
•    Work with Process Engineers to develop and implement control schemes.
•    Research new technologies and implement them into control system.
•    Communicate with factory management and operations personnel to determine how control system should operate and then show management and operations personnel how to operate what have been programmed.
•    Write process documentation and operation description based on existing and new PLC programs used.
•    Assure that all work areas are kept clean within the food safety, feed safety, and sanitation guidelines.
•    Complete reports as required.
•    Develop the process, electrical, instrumentation, and programming skills of self and others through training.
•    Use people, time, equipment, and material in the most efficient manner.
•    Report mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, environmental, food safety, feed safety, and operational problems, and unsafe conditions to supervisor.
•    Other duties as required by the business.
•    Adhere to all company policies and all safety, food safety, feed safety, and sanitation rules and programs

•    Four-year degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering desired or similar. Two-year degree or diploma in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems, or two-year degree or diploma with experience as Instrument Technician or Electrician, or equivalent work experience required.
•    Experience with personal computer, computer networks, human machine interface, and programmable logic controller or distributed controls.
•    Leadership and judgment qualities required.
•    Process related experience and basic sugar processing knowledge desired.
•    Should be motivated, willing, enthusiastic, and promotable.
•    Good attendance, safety, disciplinary, and overall employment records.
•    Ability to communicate and work cohesively with others.
•    Basic knowledge of instrumentation and electrical controls.
•     Working knowledge in the following:
•    Understanding programming concepts
•    Basic PC programming
•    Personal Computer hardware and software
•    Networking
•    Programmable Logic Controller hardware, software, and programming (Schneider preferred)
•    PID controllers
•    4-20mA control loops
•    Fieldbuses (Modbus, Ethernet/IP, etc)
•    Human Machine Interface hardware, software, and programming (GE iFIX preferred)
•    Reading schematics and symbols (P&ID, IO, electrical, instrumentation, loop drawings)
•    Electrical/electronic theory
•    Electrical/electronic measuring instruments
•    Basic measurement instrumentation and calibration
•    Organized with excellent time management skills.
•    Great attention to detail.
•    Ability to communicate effectively with employees at all levels.

Physical Demands and Expectations
•    Able to stand or walk on concrete floors for an entire eight hour shift if necessary
•    Able to bend and lift – 20 to 100 pounds
•  Able to climb stairs

Application Process:
All interested and qualified individuals are encouraged to provide a resume, and cover letter. Please email to jobs@mdf.coop or mail to:

Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative
Attn: Denise ● 7525 Red River Road ● Wahpeton, ND 58075

November 17, 2022
Now Hiring
Project Engineer

This position develops designs, optimizes, and problem solves manufacturing processes in a manner that meets safety, environmental, quality, and operational performance expectations. The Project Engineer’s role provides support and creativity in design, development, optimization and problem-solving supporting sugar and byproducts manufacturing, product storage, shipping operations, product packaging, facilities improvements, and waste treatment. The Project Engineer has expertise across multiple technologies and has the demonstrated ability to effectively provide specific engineering direction to a broad range of team members and stakeholders. The Project Engineer reports to the Director of Engineering and is under direction of the Senior Engineer.

Principal Working Relationships
•    Engineering, Operations, Agriculture, Finance, Safety, Quality and Environmental Leadership, project sponsors and project stakeholders
•    Outside entities including Minn-Dak cooperative members, national, state, county and city jurisdictional agencies, insurance carriers, marketing partners and neighboring industries and residents  

Essential Job Duties
•    Mechanical and process design with emphasis on project management from concept, scope and budget development, justification, appropriation request, vendor and contractor selection and management, coordination with departments, safety compliance, financial monitoring, installation, start-up, commissioning, and project closure
•    Lead single or multiple infrastructure or process improvement projects with a financial scope of up to $2 million from conception through commissioning
•    Lead infrastructure or process improvement projects with a financial scope over $2 million under the direction of the Senior Engineer
•    Provide engineering and project management in the initiation of design, development, and optimization of equipment and processes to meet asset objectives
•    Develop knowledge and skills in leadership of the application of engineering principles, scientific analysis, and project management
•    Provide for the safety and well-being of plant operators, maintenance technicians, and other personnel impacted by engineering or project activities
•    Manage job sites to ensure activities are performed in a safe efficient manner
•    Develop equipment and processes that meet safety, food safety and environmental codes, policies and guidelines
•    Identify complex technical issues and provide necessary solutions to determine root cause
•    Assist operational areas with engineering, maintenance, and process development needs
•    Other duties as required by the business
•    Adhere to all company policies and all safety, food safety, feed safety, and sanitation rules and programs

•    A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering degree from an accredited college or university or equivalent
•    1 to 3 years’ experience in an engineering role involving machinery, process design or manufacturing
•    Experience working with technicians, vendors, contractors, and technical services
•    A strong understanding of safe work principles
•    Is self-motivated and self-directed requiring minimal daily supervision
•    A sense of urgency and the determination to make the right decisions with effective follow through
•    Background using engineering analysis tools, Autodesk applications or other design software
•    Organized with excellent time management skills
•    Ability to communicate effectively with employees at all levels

Preferred Qualifications
•    Experience in sugar manufacturing
•    Experience with bulk and consumer packaging
•    Project management experience implementing projects up to $2 million
•    Experience in a heavy industrial, commodity or chemical manufacturing environment
•    Boiler and pressure vessel experience
•    Experience with air compressors, blowers, pumps, and material handling equipment
•    High pressure piping design experience
•    Knowledge of ASME, National Board, OSHA, ANSI, and IBC safety and building codes.
•    Experience in maintenance or operations
•    A solid understanding of GMP and food safety standards
•    Evidence of continuing self-development

Alternative Qualifications
•    Experience in construction or contracting trades
•    Mechanical, pump or heavy equipment maintenance
•    Professional welding or machine shop experience
•    Oil, gas, or mining industry experience
•    Pulp and paper experience

Application Process:
All interested and qualified individuals are encouraged to provide a resume, and cover letter. Please email to jobs@mdf.coop or mail to:

Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative
Attn: Denise ● 7525 Red River Road ● Wahpeton, ND 58075







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