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Job Opening   
Machine Shop Technician I

October 4, 2022

There is (1) one available opening for the following position:

Machine Shop Technician I

The procedure for applying for an open position has been modified due to Covid-19. Anyone interested in applying for this position should send an email to dwitte@mdf.coop or stop by the Human Resources department to fill out an application.

In the email include:
•    Name
•    Phone number
•    Current job classification
•    Position applying for
•    Skills that you have relevant to the position

Stop in to fill out an application or send an email by the deadline, which is Friday, October 14, 2022.

Minimum qualifications for this position are posted herewith. Demonstrated competence and ability, education, experience, attendance, and overall work history are relevant factors which will also be considered.

Denise Witte
Human Resources Specialist – Recruitment
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