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May 15, 2020

Good afternoon everyone.

I am pleased to report, that as of today, we remain COVID-19 free!

As we start Inter-Campaign Maintenance (ICM) on Monday, May 18, I encourage all of you to remain diligent in following general safety and COVID-19 guidelines and procedures.

The regular work schedule for employees working ICM will be 8am-4:30pm Monday-Friday. Break times will be altered, and additional tables and chairs for breaks will be provided to comply with MDFC Covid-19 Policies for safety and physical distancing among all employees.

Those employees that will be off shift (working other hours than 8:00am-4:30pm) will need to be screened at the guard shack. The guards will interview you through the sliding window of the building.

Since we will not be having as many employees working shifts, and will be working straight days, please be patient with the screening of each person entering MDFC, as this will take a little more time to screen each vehicle.

As always, thank you for your commitment to safety here at MDFC and at home.

Kurt Wickstrom
President and CEO



April 7, 2020

Face Masks and Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines

With increasing media content about face masks as of late, we have been receiving questions from employees about the use of face masks while at work.

It is a known fact that the COVID-19 virus can spread between people interacting in close proximity, especially in areas of high occupancy - even if those people are not exhibiting symptoms (non-symptomatic). Therefore, it is critical that you remember the social distancing control measures, and do your best to maintain a 6-foot separation. 

According to the CDC, the N-95 or other similar face coverings are only used to slow the spread of COVID-19 by those who carry it.  Based on CDC guidelines, MDFC will not supply the N-95 filtering facepiece device (respirator) unless it is required to perform your specific job duties. It will not be distributed for medical prevention purposes at this time.
However, if wearing a cloth face covering or a paper type respirator makes you feel safer, then please do so.  MDFC employees are free to bring their own masks, if so desired.

If you have any questions about the CDC guidelines on face masks, and their effectiveness, please do not hesitate to contact Jamie Goodyear for further details.      

April 1, 2020

Due to the weather conditions and technical issues we are experiencing with the thermometers, as they are designed for indoor use, we are going to modify our process until these issues are resolved.  Instead of taking everyone’s temperature upon entrance, we will now be asking three basic screening questions to ensure the continued safety of our employees.

If you have experienced a temperature of 100.4 or higher within the last 24 hours, or the onset of flu-like symptoms in the last 5 days, please do not report to work and notify your supervisor.

We appreciate your continued flexibility and support working as a team to ensure each other’s safety.


March 31, 2020

Good afternoon everyone!

I am pleased to report we remain a COVID-19 free workplace, thanks to you! We are now entering week three of working under these different and challenging circumstances, and, as always, you are rising to the occasion!

The preventative measures implemented a couple weeks ago, combined with your personal responsibility, especially physical distancing at work and outside of work, is paying off and protecting not only yourself, but your teammates and loved ones.

Tomorrow afternoon, we will be implementing temperature checks for all factory, yard and administrative employees, and any contractors, suppliers and visitors to the premises from the cab of their vehicle. The temperature checks are non-invasive and take about 15 seconds. We will try to do this with as little disruption as possible to the typical flow of traffic for those coming to work. We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience as we implement, and iron out any necessary wrinkles to the process tomorrow afternoon.

We have come this far in remaining COVID-19 free, and this additional measure is intended to keep that good streak going!

Thanks again for all you do!



March 26, 2020

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to report that we remain a “COVID-19 free” workplace thanks to the personal responsibility and efforts of each of you!

As of today, there is now one confirmed case of COVID-19 in Wilkin County. To protect yourself, your coworkers and loved ones, please be very diligent in the sanitary procedures and best practices recommended by the CDC.

We are always appreciative of the hard work you do, and especially so through this unprecedented and difficult situation! We are fortunate to be deemed a Critical Supplier, so that we can continue to produce food, and support our families in doing so.

A sincere thanks to your commitment in helping to protect you and your coworkers, and to the Cooperative as a whole!

Kurt Wickstrom
President and CEO
Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative
7525 Red River Road
Wahpeton, ND 58075


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