Harvest Update

Friday, September 22:

2:00 pm-  Factory, Lehman and Tyler will close at 7 pm Friday.  All stations will close at 7 pm Friday and remain closed through Monday. Our outside goal was to take in 25,000 tons. We remain on track to reach and possibly exceed that. Well done all!  We will reset the schedule next week on Monday.

The following will be left in case there is some confusion on just what happened today!

Due to the weather forecast and inventory we need to bulk up a bit. Therefore anyone can haul to the three stations that are open today (Friday). Bonus will be paid on all tons delivered today. However the tons will count towards you fulfilling your quota. If you exceed your quota bonus will be paid but then you are likely done for the year. This is being done to provide inventory and  an opportunity next week for stations and growers that have not had a chance to harvest yet.

Fri:    Factory, Lehman, Tyler 

 Results from the lab:

 Delivery date
 Tons % Tare
 % Sugar
 % Purity

Scoop information:  All trucks can remove side chutes and extensions on the truck boxes now that all pilers have the new scoops installed. Extensions provide a place for fugitive beets to ride that can and do fall off the truck on the roadways and make a mess. If chains are needed on your truck box the guideline is the opening at the bottom of the box to the end gate when lifted should not exceed 30 inches. Chains do not impede the unloading operation and in some cases may be required. We have noticed some chains that allow the end gates to open beyond the 30 inches rendering them essentially useless.   Trailer hitches can now remain on the trucks.

Factory groups can be found by following this link:Factory groups 2017

Normal station hours are 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The previous schedule is somewhat out the window. As such we will go week by week and even then you can expect changes.

Week II 

Sept 18  Mon        All closed     
Sept 19  Tue         Gorder**, Lehman I*   
Sept 20  Wed        All closed 
Sept 21  Thu         All closed
Sept 22   Fri          Lehman, Tyler, Factory II 

* 1.0 ton quota
* 2.0 ton quota

Sept 25   
Sept 26   
Sept 27   
Sept 28   
Sept 29