Harvest Update

Tuesday - August 11th:

Lynagaas and Factory Group 3 are open on Round One Quota (2.0 TPA). Deliveries are starting a little on the slower side after the weekend rain, but picked up nicely yesterday afternoon and this morning. We put roughly 5,300 ton on the ground yesterday...

Station hours at both locations will be 7 AM to 4 PM. 

The Factory is scheduled to commence slice on Wednesday... 

Here is the current snapshot of this week:

Date Day Outside Station(s)  Factory Group(s)
Aug 11th Tues Lyngaas 3
Aug 12th Wed Lyngaas & Hawes 3 & 5
Aug 13th Thurs Hawes 5
Aug 14th Fri Hawes 5
Aug 15th Sat TBD TBD
Aug 16th Sun TBD TBD
Aug 17th Mon Peet 1 2

This schedule is subject to change at anytime due to weather and inventory requirements - Visit this site often to stay updated. Keep in mind that the most timely information on each station's hours, hauling status, and operation will be posted in the scale house(s).

Looking ahead, the initial quota for all stations will be 2.0 tons per acre following the schedule posted below:


Factory Hauling Groups:

The 2020 Factory Groups can be found by clicking here