Harvest Update

Sunday - Sept 15th - 11:30 AM

The beets are starting to roll in - a very welcome sight!!! The Factory Yard and Gorder will remain on OPEN HAUL throughout the day - Scales will close at 6 PM.

Tomorrow (Monday 9/16) the Factory Yard an Gorder will again be on OPEN HAUL status - Scales will be open from 7 AM - 4 PM (may run a bit longer if need be (inventory-based)).

The plan is to return to quota-based deliveries on Tuesday. 

Here is the current snapshot of the 7-day tentative schedule:

Sun: Factory (Open Haul Status) - Gorder (Open Haul Status)

Mon: Factory (Open Haul Status) - Gorder (Open Haul Status)

Tues: Gorder (Round 2) - Peet 1 (Round 2) - Factory Group 1   

Wed: Gorder (Round 2) - Peet 1 (Round 2) - Factory Group 1  

Thurs: Gorder (Round 2) - Peet 1 (Round 2) - Factory Group 1 

Fri: TBD 

Sat: TBD 

Take note that all tons delivered during open haul are eligible for Bonus Sugar and do not count against your delivery quota. 

Round 2 Quota is 1.5 TPA for all stations except Peet (2.5 TPA Quota due to estimated tonnage exceeding station capacity). 

The sugarbeet quality to this point has been terrific. Our latest deliveries saw and average sugar content of 15.43% and purity at 89.28%. To keep the sugar increasing, make sure to work with your agriculturist to keep CLS at bay...this disease will have the biggest outcome on the final quality of the 2019 beet crop...