Harvest Update

Thursday - Nov. 14th

The Factory Yard will be open today from 8 AM - 6 PM to receive stockpiled sugarbeets only. Please contact your Agriculturist with any questions.  

Posted Tuesday - Nov. 12th

Field-Delivery of Sugarbeets no Longer Accepted:
After discussion with Ag Staff and management, it was determined that Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative will no longer accept the field-delivery of sugarbeets.

Stockpiled Sugarbeets:
Growers that have stockpiled sugarbeets (clamps) to be delivered, may do so starting tomorrow morning at 8 AM. Please note that the Factory Yard will be the only station that will be accepting these loads, and will be open this Wednesday and Thursday. Sugarbeets that have been stockpiled have a very abbreviated shelf-life, and as such, have to be processed immediately. Please contact your Agriculturist with any questions surrounding the delivery of these clamps.

Crop Insurance:
The insurable period for RMA’s sugarbeet policy is November 15th. Note that there are provisions within the policy that allow for the insurable period to be extended if the insured individual chooses to do so. If you need to apply for an extension to your policy, please make sure to reach out to your agent by the close of business this coming Friday.